Welcome to Our Lady of Sacramento Monastery website

Welcome to our website, OUR LADY OF SACRAMENTO MONASTERY. We are monks of the Cistercian Order of the Common Observance. We belong to the Holy Family Cistercian Congregation of Vietnam. Our Lady of Sacramento Monastery is a Daughter House of the Monastery of Our Lady of Châu Sơn, Lạc Xuân, Đơn Dương, Lâm Đồng, Vietnam. In the United States, we belong to the Diocese of Sacramento in Sacramento, California. As followers of the Cistercian Charism, we try to create a place of silence and serenity so that we can live our life of praying for the holiness of ourselves and of the whole world.  Our life is organized in a Monastery with a Rule and an Abbot. We live the Cistercian way of life that came from the tradition of our Holy Father Founders: Robert, Albert and Stephen

You are all invited to join our daily prayer with a purest heart, to seek God and to foretaste the eternity while living here on this earth.